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Request for Qualifications - City of Pleasant Hill

The City of Pleasant Hill, Iowa is seeking qualified consultants that can demonstrate their expertise in planning, urban design, and park and trail plan development to update and prepare a Comprehensive Plan. Project teams involving multiple firms with the skills to complete the necessary tasks are encouraged. The City’s last Comprehensive Plan was completed in 2005, and since that time the City has experienced tremendous growth. The goal of the process would be the development of a Comprehensive Plan along with a Park and Trail Master Plan as a part of the project for the City of Pleasant Hill looking out to a horizon year of 2035. The City of Pleasant Hill is one of the newest communities in Iowa and is facing the challenges of serving a fast growing population. The community is located directly adjacent to the east corporate limits of the City of Des Moines and sits at the intersection of the U.S. Highway 65 and State Highway 163. Incorporated in 1956, the City experienced modest growth for several decades, but is now experiencing a large influx of new residents. The 2010 U.S. Census shows a community population of 8,785; an increase of 73 percent from the 2000 population of 5,070. In order to provide effective services with a diverse audience of established residents and businesses, new community members, potential citizens, and development clients, the City recognizes that a complete and dynamic plan is essential.

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