Reduced AICP Exam Fee Scholarships 2015

The AICP Exam Fee Scholarship program was established to offer assistance to individuals who may defer taking or are unable to take the AICP exam because of the cost. We encourage you to submit names of individuals from your chapter with financial barriers to becoming AICP members. 

Scholarship recipients pay reduced fees to AICP as follows:

•        First time AICP applicants: $145 (combined $70 application and $75 exam fee)

•        Previously approved AICP applicants: $75 (exam fee only)

To take advantage of this program for 2015:

•       Those who think they might qualify send a brief letter or note showing how you meet the criteria listed below to Gary Taylor, PDO APA-Iowa Chapter, 286 Design, Ames, IA 50011.

You will be unlikely to take the exam without the reduced fee.

Your employer will not subsidize the exam fee.

APA suggests members of minorities be given preference.

The names must be received by Gary by July 20, 2015 for the November 2015 testing window.

Scholarship Information