Active Transportation Planner

Job Title: Active Transportation Planner

Job Type: Full Time

Location: South Bend, IN

Job Description & Duties

The Michiana Area Council of Governments is seeking an innovative and motivated professional to fill a full-time Active Transportation Planner position. The Planner serves as a liaison for bicyclists and pedestrians in the region, and works toward improving infrastructure, programs, and services that are available to cyclists and pedestrians. The Planner will partner with various entities across the region and individual communities to focus on all five E’s: education, encouragement, enforcement, engineering, and evaluation. Primary responsibilities include:

-  Promote and encourage walking and bicycling as a mode of transportation by implementing the Regional Active Transportation Plan.

-  Measure and track progress toward Plan’s stated goals and objectives.

-  Implement active transportation counting program.

-  Provide technical assistance and mapping to local communities seeking help on active transportation issues.

-  Develop and implement bicycle-related educational and promotional resources, programs, campaigns and events.

-  Work with police departments, schools, local governments, advocacy groups and other partners to promote safe and responsible cycling through education and enforcement efforts.

-  Seek funding for bicycle infrastructure, programming, and services, through grant writing, sponsorships, and other means.

-  Coordinate the efforts of public and private groups that support bicycling and walking, and to encourage continued and increased support throughout the community.

-  Assist local communities in successful completion of bicycle friendly community, bicycle friendly universities, bicycle friendly businesses, and walk friendly community status.

-  Work with local governments by helping to initiate bicycle infrastructure projects, ensuring their timely implementation, and communicating with the public.

Basic Qualifications

The successful candidate has a background in active transportation and/or experience in transportation issues, land use, urban planning, community organizing or public administration (Bachelor’s degree from an accredited institution or equivalent professional experience). Familiarity with (or a willingness to learn about) safe bicycling and pedestrian behaviors and common facility/design features. The candidate must have a high level of motivation and self-direction, ability to set goals and prioritize completing tasks. Ability to work independently and to partner effectively with colleagues. Strong oral and written communication skills. Candidates that have a familiarity with Adobe Creative Suite, Microsoft Office, and Social Media applications is a plus.

Application Requirements

For more information, visit the MACOG website at  Send your resume, three references and one page writing sample to: [email protected] Attn: Active Transportation Coordinator.